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Yeah, that's pretty much what I figured, there's no cheap way around it. I guess I'll have to keep the two worlds separate.

When I started reading more about airsoft, and all the new products coming out, I started to feel that my AEG was already dated. I picked it up last year in Japan for about $230 CAD and thought I was getting a helluva deal. Now I'm seeing all these PTWs and GBBs with the added realism, action, metal parts etc.... and I'm thinking "Hmmmm...maybe that's why my AEG was so cheap".

When I read more about the GBB and the PTWs, it made me think what a POS my AEG was, and how cool and realistic these other guns are, how they mimic real guns so closely. But mine's not really all that bad. It's got some metal parts, but it's mostly plastic, it's not as realistic as some of the GBB and PTWs, but in the end, it's a toy, like all of the others and it works fine and will do the job - and that is to provide me hours of fun without sending me to jail.

Anyways, I drooled over the idea of a GBB M4, but I've got an AEG that works fine and doesn't really need replacing. I think I'll still pick up the carbine for fun on the range though, and try not to obsess too much over realism when playing airsoft.

Thanks for the info guys.

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