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Convert real steel M4 to Airsoft?

Hey guys, I know that governments and law enforcement is concerned about airsoft guns being converted to real fire arms, but has anyone done the reverse engineering? Convert real steel to airsoft? Because I was just looking at some classifieds and doing a bit of comparison, and sometimes real steel is cheaper than airsoft.

Right now, I've got a TM M4....what can I say? I like the M4/M16 series. I can't really say that I'm shopping, but I am always looking at what's available, and it seems like if you're not upgrading your standard issue AEG with metal bodies and upgraded internals, then the PTW or GBB M4s are the way to go.

I think I like the GBB, but mags are hard to come by and I've read that some GBB break down after a while.

I saw a WA M4 GBB on Craigslist listed for compare that to a real steel CQ 5.56 M4/C8 Style Semi Automatic Carbine for $899 CAD.

So, the question is, has it been done or ever considered? Take out the working parts of the real gun, swap in something like what they use in PTWs for airsoft days, then switch back for days on the range?

I imagine this is quite a stupid question, and that's why I hope I won't get so many tomatos thrown at me in this section.
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