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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Duster Gas (Difluoroethane).

The correct duster gas for airsoft use is HFC134A, which is tetrafluroethane. Difluoroethane is corrosive to rubber and will ear your seals. Also, it has lower pressure and will provide noticeably lower velocities than 134A.

It's not recommended to use duster gas you can get in most stores in your gun. If you have to use duster, then there are a lot of places online (mostly industrial supply places) that have 134A gas available.

And just as a side-note, the reason all store-bought duster gas is now difluoroethane is that kids used to buy the 134A gas and huff it to get high. You can't get high with difluoroethane.

Originally Posted by andthenhewent View Post
This may be a silly question

but, are C02 pistols able to work in the cold? and will ten 12 gram C02 cartridges last me longer than 1 can of green gas?
CO2 works better in cold because of its high pressure. It will generally work where green gas guns will fail.

1 $3 can of propane will last you about the same amount of time as 10 CO2 powerlets (about $15 I think). You do that math for which is a better deal.

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