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Originally Posted by turok_t View Post
Thanks for the help AMOS! I have 2 more questions for AMOS and anyone else who would like to add in their input:

1. Are there any other ALL METAL M4 RIS on the retailer/classified section besides CA (im waiting to be age verified and CANT WAIT)?

2. Are most ALL METAL M4 RIS ~$550 like what AMOS said or are some cheaper?

Baseline M4's are around 550 or so, I'm not sure about CA RIS but those are generally more expensive outside of canada, so that's reflected when they come into canada.

Alot of the times it's better to buy aftermarket (if you buy good aftermarket stuff and not cheap Chinese clone stuff) that way your RIS will be a higher quality of metal and it will stand up to more abuse (A matter of CNC VS Cast)
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