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I am not a geardo/gear-head/gear-savy in any way. Don't know what button should go where, what rig has an extra smoke pouch on the weak side shoulder vs. which one has a pouch that'll hold a nalgene bottle...

But I had to sort out all my gear because we renovated the basement and here's the damage...

Full BDU's, hats, other:
- Flecktarn
- Multicam
- Woodland
- PMC?...don't know if you'd count that..
- 4!!!! (how that'd happen) sets of gloves
- 4 shemags
- 2 helmets
- 3 goggles, 2 shooting glasses
- 3 shooting/trainer belts
- 3 slings
- kneepads
- misc rags/hankys/etc...
- and a good old pair of Danner boots

- simple M4 chest rig
- craptastic useless HK knockoff rig
- Arktis DPM rig
- Flectarn rig (LOL...haven't even had a chance to use this one....sad)
- Wasatch
- nice hydration pack
- 2 226 serpas
- dropleg holster
- m4 subload leg rig
- 226 6004
- an extra rubbermaid bin of misc pouches, straps, buckles, etc....

So...under $600? Not even close....but if you want the bare essentials get the best that you can afford of the following:
- goggles
- gloves
- boots

Go with the PMC look and load out with a Pantac or Eagle RRV (although the Pantac Wasatch is really quite nice).

Spend the rest of your money on guns, ammo and fun times with your friends.

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