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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
I would agree if it wasn't for the fact that this piece was designed as a fear mongering report on the "problem" with replica firearms. I agree with the things Brian said, but honestly I think his little bit was one of the only well-done parts of this entire report.
Agree with you there. Although I also liked the conversation with the Durham cop. And even with the old lady for that matter. What they had in common was rational conversation, as opposed to the other more sensationalist tactics.

Originally Posted by Ghost_boo View Post
Did anyone notice all the politician she try to stop don't care about her stories.
Politicians are tired of the media making them look like idiots by putting them on the spot unprepared. What she should have done was get a sit-down interview, preferably with someone that knows something about firearms issues (maybe even the working group) to get some real perspective.

They should have skipped the second segment (with the she-man) and expanded the replica story to the full show. It needed to be quite a bit deeper to be a well-told story.
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