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I wouldnt go so far to say that spring guns are the most reliable, then again they are essentially the least complex, I suppose one would assume, less parts equals less issues, not always the case but I believe I understand what youre getting at.

A springer for CQB, anyone with an GBB or even an AEP would easily out gun you due to the fact that you can only fire as fast as you can recock your spring, but since your asking about a springer, I will provide you information about springers.

TokyoMauri makes great quality spring guns however they are few and far between and difficult at best to aquire at best, atleast in Canada, they have pistols, but actually now that I think about it there is a fair amount of TM shotguns out there as well.

HFC is another company that has spring guns, the majority of them are fairly decent for the most part, unfortunetly I believe they only do pistols.

Theres a large group of lower end companies out there that make spring based single BB firing shotguns and a few that make multi BB firing shotguns, all spring based of course.
quality varies with price and availability in Canada at this time is hard to say. Which ones are the best out of the group? Its hard to say, with the lower end companies quality control is not really a huge thing, one person can buy a gun and it will perform fine, another will buy the exact same model and it will break with in days.

If you are interested this website has a process called age verification, where if you are 18 or older you can meet with a volunteer representative of this website who will meet with you in person, there is no way around this, no phone, no webcam, in person only, where they will require to see a legitimate piece of photo identification. After the process is completed, it can take sometime as this is all volunteer work, you will be granted access to this websites buy and sell section, where you can find both new and used guns as well as parts, for fair and competitive prices. Although it’s not always the case, it is sort of an open market. However age verification is only required to purchase from ASC buy and sell and any of its retailers and a few other non ASC based Canadian sites. I you are not interested in age verification then you will have to do your own ground work to find an airsoft gun.

In the future please try and be a little more descriptive with your thread titles, I will edit this one accordingly.

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