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Hey Guys,
Nick here - our 15th issue is out now for downloading. It's another jammed-packed issue, and we hope you enjoy it! You can download it via: now!

What's in our 15th issue?

* BLACKHAWK! "Head-to-Toe" Hookup Reviews (Part 1)
* ARES M200 CheyTac LRRS
* Numa Sport Optics "X-Frame" Tactical Glasses Review
* 5.11 Tactical 42'' Gun Bag Review
* TSD SD45 (UMP) Review
* Revision Eyewear "Sawfly" Tactical Glasses Review
* Tactics: Shooting Drills
* Team Interview: Gray Fox
* Plus Photos, Events, Websites, and Much More in the 150+ Page Issue!

Thanks guys for all the support - appreciate it a ton!

God Bless & Best Wishes,
Nick Petrus-Owner/Main Editor
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