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There was lots said that never made it into the show.. I managed to stay on message well enough that even with all the cutting.. what I wanted to say came out.

Its easy to say this was a "negative" peice .. and that the CBC "had an agenda" After talking to the producer for an hour on the phone before I agreed to let them in to FACT to interview me I felt that he was simply trying to get to the bottom of the irrational regulations governing imitation guns.

He had done some research ( quite a bit of it on ASC ) and wanted to show "responsible people having fun with imitation guns" As a counterpoint to the BAN position posited by SOME of the police"

You note that the officer from Durham region who was instrumental in getting their 18+ possession bylaw passed stated clearly " I have no problem with responsible use in the proper place"

I don't really think that public exposure of AS in main stream media serves our interest. However when Media focuses specifically on AS and imitation guns as this story did, I do think it is important to have the proper perception presented. That is why I agreed to the interview and agreed to let them video some of the action.

The next thing to do is find out who is in the government working group mentioned in the story and get talking to those people.

Does anyone know anything about this working group?
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