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The floor wood slates are buckling for the 3rd year now. It's because of the wather accumulation and high humidity mixed with the super cold air...

What has gone worst and is potentially more dangerous to us in a shorter time, is the water accumulation. All the floors are now heavily damaged by water (that is curently frozen). All that water mixed in the wood and isolant WILL cause "moisisures". How do you say that in english... mildew? Whatever. That is harmfull.

Another thing that anoy me, is the pigeon shit all over certain erea. That, mixed in the airbord dust, is highly toxic.

I know the owner is trying to patch things up as he can, but he can't do the whole building.

IMO, we should re-evaluate the building on our own each time we play there and report in a stickyed thread in the Quebec game section, evolving change in structure damage. That way, we can keep track of what's going on. I think it should also be very usefull to have the building officially inspectec before we play there after meltdown. Because when all that frozen water will melt, there is no telling what damage will apear.

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