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Oh my! It appears youve found a magic lamp in the sand on the beach and you have given it rub! Suprise! Nothing has come out because this is reality! Not crazy lala - things you wished for came true - only %1 of airsoft siezed by the CBSA land!

As the retailers statement says, they dust their hands of the situation once they ship the order. What do they care? They already have your money!

Lets examine the darker side of things. For all I know this company is a legitimate US retailer, but lets say they were not. What if they just took your money, didnt supply you with a tracking number and said they shipped you the item when you they really did not and just kept your money?

Or how about another possibility, say your order does get through, and its a broken gun? What do you do? They dusted their hands of responsibility, cost of repairs is on you. Even worse, what if they shipped you a broken gun on purpose?

The amount of silly possibilities is endless, this is an american based business whose bulk purchasing crowd is most likley the US, they just tossed up that little blurb about shippping to Canada because they are doing what a business does. They are trying to make more money.

You have been here long enough to know better, much better. Please cease with the inane questions.

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