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Originally Posted by Thorazine View Post
Ghillies are permitted at Calgary games... however, as its been stated before, it would not be the greatest idea to get a BA, and I don`t know how comfortable JOC folks would be with a newbie rocking a 450 fps gun...
There are no rules in Calgary for newbie's with 450fps guns. It will be a problem if he shot somebody with it at close range also not carrying a secondary for minimum engagements.

So far I've only seen about 3 to 4 joc members who can really take on the sniper role and they have played almost as long as I am. (I started late 80's, fak I'm old) I also have a sniper rifle but I use my ptw most of the time. Playing sniper is whole different ball game.

I would suggest signing up in JOC and try to attend a game to get verified and if you ask some of the guys they might let you test shoot their guns. Get the feel of it.

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