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Originally Posted by ujiro View Post
Fo sho. Just started using locaps this past season, and I still remember the first time I had to do it. The feeling was amazing. People who use hicaps read this: while it seems lame, just try it once. Try having to reload while under fire. You will love it and forever on use locaps/realcaps.
Not to mention you're bbs are not rattling around giving your position away with every move.

I use Mp5 30's carry 9 of them so i have to choose my shots wisely. The adrenalin really gets going after you're down to your last 2 mags, you're at the other end of the field almost at your objective and you can see the emeny strolling down your path. God i love this sport, I'm also looking into buying a BA, hoping to borrow/rent one from someone before i go shopping though.
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