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Originally Posted by Roko View Post
If you happen to have a clear reciever as a spare due to a metal-body upgrade, I think you can slap that on as well as your stock orange-tipped/covered flash hider and shoot in your backyard without any legal issues, although I don't have any verification on that.

As far as being hit by a 0.25 instead of a 0.20, I've been hit by both at relatively the same FPS, and didn't really notice a difference as to the impact of it, bruises were the same, heh. Certainly didn't hurt more, or at least not enough to feel the difference drastically.
Orange tip has nothing to do with legality, and clear receiver has nothing to do with legality once it's in Canada.
Not to mention the possible illegality due to city bylaws about discharging airguns within city limits (some cities have them, some don't, I would think most do).

Do some research before giving out incorrect information.

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