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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Shouldn't this be PM to the owner?
I'm not sure the owner is on ASC or not, I've never seen a post from someone claiming to be the owner in any of the game threads. I was just looking for other airsofters opinions on the matter as I am far from an expert in anything structural or architectural.

I mean the house my apartment is in has warped walls, slanted floors, and other problems but it was inspected before I moved in and passed with flying colours. I was more concerned with the Mill because the damage there wasn't from the building being 103 years old like this house but from what seems like water and cold damage. As it stands we sign a waiver so if we get hurt the owner is not at fault but I am wondering about it from a safety point of view. The air ducts for example even in the first year had paint peeling off of them which is no problem but now some of them aren't even straight I'm guessing because the ceiling is warping (as the cables holding them up still look intact and secure.)
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