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The Mill in Quebec running down

The Mill in Quebec has been in use for three or four years now, I think its entering its fourth year in service or something like that. When I first started playing there the facility looked like it was a decommissioned factory of some sort with some offices that hadn't been used for a while. Being there this year just yesterday for Testtubes 5 man squad challenge game made me a little worried. The game was really fun but what made me worry was how much the building has fallen apart over the years.

I am not referring to people breaking things or damage from games, I am referring to the building as a whole falling apart. I really started to notice sagging and cracked ceilings, massive heaving in the floor, ice and water damage everywhere, shifting walls that jam doors that used to work in the open position, slanted floors, rotting wood visible through cracks in the flooring material, and a pile of other things that didn't look good. When I was there last fall the building as a whole was looking lightly damaged but still more or less safe. This spring it looks a whole hell of a lot worse off internally with what seem to my very limited experience like possible grosse structural damage.

I know the building can have a solid structure and still have some parts falling apart internally but there seems to be some real major structural damage from the building not being maintained and from rain and snow melt water coming in every spring, refreezing, then rethawing. I was just wondering how much longer the building will be able to be used without the worry about vents/pipes falling down during games, ankle breaking holes forming in the floor, or sections of the floor dropping or collapsing in some places. Are there any engineers, house framers, carpenters, renovators, or anyone else with experience in this who have played there recently who can shine some light on how superficial or serious the visible damage is? I do enjoy playing there still after several years of gaming there and am just worried if it might be lost to us in a couple or few more years.

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