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velocity and backyard shooting questions


I'm new to the whole air soft stuff. I played paintball before and i used to shoot in my backyard, but with air soft, I don't know if that's "allowed" or simply safe to do so?

What should I buy to let the bbs hit? (like should I get a big wooden piece and place it against the fence? - my fence is wodden 6ft high)
I didn't have a problem with paintball because I knew it wouldn't pierce any wood.

For velocity, I have an aftermath Broxa, it was cronied at 370 @ .2g which is pretty hot for CQB but I was wondering what can I do to decrease velocity? if I put a .25g would that mean lower velocity but hurt more because of the heavier projectile? I'm a little confused so please enlighten me, thanks!

and sorry for my explanation, not so good in explaining stuff
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