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KWA M 4, from Mopic

I just want to state I bought my 1rst AEG rifle yesterday. Being new to airsoft and a former Reservist Infantry Sgt, I wanted a good solid AEG that could perform and have durabilty. I have to admit the M 4 is full metal and looks and feels almost like the Canadian C 8. The AEG itself is suppose to have a FPS of 400. This is good because it will be perfect for outside operations, patroling and fire and movement. Although I am still waiting on a lipo battery, this will give the M4 it's maximum performance.

I bought the AEG from Mopic airsoft. I have to admit meeting the retailer (Chris) and talking to him on a personal level will definitely make me want to come back for future business (like the SIG Sauer which I am putting an order in for tonight). I like to buy top quality equipment and this AEG is exactly that. I can't wait to use it my 1rst out door op.

The M 4 comes with the AEG, cleaning rod, 1 high cap mag, allon keys, site adjustment tool and flash suppressor cover.

Since I live in the GTA, I was lucky that Mopic airsoft delivered the M4 to me in person in 2 days of the response to my e mail. I have to admit the 2 dealers that I have dealt with Mopic and Velocity Arms Airsoft were both professional and honest with me. Since I live in the GTA I can see myself continually buying products from both companies. Especially Mopic Airsoft becasue the quality of AEG's and GGB products they obtain.

Thank you Mopic Airsoft (Chris) and I will continue doing business with you in the future.

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