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seriously our legal system is like crap right now: It does not tackle crimes. This story in my opinion is just one of many such as:

Mail Fraud (CTV did an exclusive on it)
*Identity Theft (See Mail Fraud)
*Light Sentence without accountability
*Lack of power from many "check" jobs (Eg the Canada Post can do nothing if someone is doing Mail fraud, all the are is bunch of civies, In US they can get search/arrest warrents even for murders)
*Weapon Problems: C68 cost billions for nothing, Criminals continue to import guns from U.S. easily without issue.
*No laws controlling Pellet Guns, except Ontario Toy Gun act which I fully support (Control as in Age, License etc)
*Lack of movement and change (Improve if your are reactionary) We can probably agree that current system needs to be changed.

For Conservatives:
Tougher and more accountable punishment, More regulations that PEOPLE WILL FOLLOW, More Authority power given to those jobs that needs it to do their jobs. (How can an civie do a police job without power?)
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