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Originally Posted by ShortCut View Post
Im kinda confused about it, arre they trying to ban airsoft all together? Or just put in a law that you need to be 18 and have a lisensce? :S I think a liesence would be a good idea along with a law making it 18+. But if you were to need a liesence would that mean the classifieds here would'nt exist anymore because you'd need to show them your liesence? If that makes sense :P
"They" as I'm sure you mean the government - for now, dosent seem to be trying to do anything. It's illegal to buy them, you get your hand's on one, it's not illegal to own. - (edit: or yeah what Crunch said up there)

That aside, Brian, great job.
I'm disappointed they cut out Colin, I know those of us who were being spoken to really went in depth to explain safety, rules and respect of owning/gaming these kind's of toys. Once again though it was a review on replicas and nothing more, really not as bad as I was working it up to be.
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