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Claybank Saskatchewan: Operation Mason Relic May 9, 2009

Counterfeit Combat is a relative newcomer to the Airsoft scene but stepped into the arena with two indoor CQB facilites in Melville Saskatchewan one year ago. One being 6000 sq ft, and the other being almost 60,000 sq ft. These facilites have been played and enjoyed by players from across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta with very good reviews.

Counterfeit Combat is now stepping into the outdoor game and has secured a highly unique location near Claybank, Saskatchewan. This was once home to a very successful brick manufacturing business. The brick plant opened in 1914 and ran until the 1960s producing some of Canada's finest brick products. Many of Canada's most beautiful Historical buildings still display the products that were produced in Claybank. It is now a national historic site that hosts thousands of visiters each year.

Counterfeit Combat owner, and game promoter Al "CamoGames" was granted permission to use this facility on May 9th for "Operation Mason Relic". This is an Airsoft event that will feature six of the best game writers & planners in Western Canada. It will also feature a number of military vehicles, pyro, great leadership, prizes, and more.

We sincerely hope you can attend what could be a once in a lifetime Airsoft event. Please explore this site for more details and visit our forum if you'd like to attend this game.

Visit: for more information!

CamoGames has been working hard gaining access and use of this facility, over the past several months he and the following game admins have spent countless hours planning and organizing what will be one of the most unique games hosted in Western Canada.

Here's an early thanks to CamoGames and his crew of game admins for making this possible:
Bob "Darklen" - Red Deer, Alberta
David "Gish" - Calgary, Alberta
Mark "Paranoid" - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Casey "Demon" - Regina, Saskatchewan
Kim "Kimbo" - Calgary, Alberta
Davin "CharlieTango" - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hope to see some Eastern Province Players out for this one!
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.

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