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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
I totally second you on this Amos, but that tuneup kit is more than he's even willing to pay for a gun, let alone the gun and tuneup kit.
Well, he's got 158 dollars worth of mis-matching stuff lined up from, and he'd be using the gun's stock gears (yuck!)

When upgrading a gun... It's really good to use all the same parts, that way you don't run into any tolerance issues in between upgrade parts... This is especially important when upgrading a clone gun... because those things have enough tolerance issues as it is already..

Edit: Also, don't buy a Systema hopup bucking... They're really over-rated. Go for a Guarder clear, they've got some of the best performance at that price level, Also.. Why the 455mm inner barrel? Are you getting an AK or an M4?

455mm inner barrels are for Ak's and M4's are shorter (can't remember the length off hand... 350something I think....)
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