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ya all those parts look good.

If you dont want to spend the money on a G&P grease set, i use silicon grease on the pison, lithium grease on the bushings and gears.

I see no need for a bushing installation tool. i use the end of a rubber coated screwdriver to gently tap the bushings in, but for the mostpart, i find they just drop in with little or no effort.

I hear about problems with madbull tightbores, but i know nothing about it. search it here on ASC and see what comes up

the piston, piston head, and cylinder are something I personally like to upgrade on any lower end guns because i find the O-rings on them sometimes crack and leak easy, but you dont have to do it. Buying a new piston is not absolutely neccessary, but if you worry about cracking a tooth on the stock one, id replace it. Otherwise, its something you can worry about later if you want to save some money.

If your worried about compatibility problems, the Kraken has a Version 3 mechbox, any internal parts that specify they work with a V3 should work. most parts work with both though.

and +1 for its a great company with an amazing reputation. thats where i get all my parts from
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