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Originally Posted by ShortCut View Post
Im kinda confused about it, arre they trying to ban airsoft all together? Or just put in a law that you need to be 18 and have a lisensce? :S I think a liesence would be a good idea along with a law making it 18+. But if you were to need a liesence would that mean the classifieds here would'nt exist anymore because you'd need to show them your liesence? If that makes sense :P
The report wasn't about airsoft. It was about realistic fake guns in general - including airsoft and pellet guns - and how they're a cancer on our society.

The general jist of the report was nothing more than putting the fear of fake guns into people. She had a personal agenda with that report ad it was blatantly obvious. The only "positive" part of the report was the short bit with Brian's interview. Unfortunately, I feel that the only thing people will remember of his interview is his opening with "ban the guns" part and the rest (all good and valid points) will be remembered as nothing but "blah blah blah". In the eyes of public who have been conditioned to be scared shitless of any and all guns for years now, it's just easier to ban things than to deal with them.
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