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Hi all, my name is Stephanie or Steph. As much as I hate to admit I am a Noob at anything, I am a Noob to airsoft. I am an excellent shot with real rifles/hand guns and have a great deer wrestling story I might share with you all sometime. lol I am hunter since back in the day as a young doe myself. I am also ex military another story someday to share. Love the outdoors, and have so much land that I been thinking about actually hosting a game or two on a few of my properties.

A really great friend of mine got me turned on to airsoft! He stalked me in real life to only find out his game name CDN_Stalker! lol I have to admit tho after two days of our chatting I asked him to stalk me. lol So please go easy on me for now till i get the hang of things and then I will Tell you: You can run but you cant hide! hehe
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