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1)if your going to upgrade, upgrade for reliability. Kraken parts are cheap and fragile. get good aftermarket parts so that it wont break on the field. Your looking at about $100 for a tightbore, new piston and piston head and cylinder head, metal bushings and new shims, new hopup rubber and greases. That should be enough for a kickass upgrade that would keep your gun running for a long time. Also, think about getting a good batter, Krakens have a tendancy to suck for batteries.

2) FPS is no way a sign of quality. lots of cheap guns slap 400 fps on their gun to make it sound better than a TMs' 280-320 fps range. Really, most games would require you to downgrade your fps. If youve ever been shot by a 400 fps gun from 5 feet away, its not fun.

3) i think thats the sale price for the Kraken, they typically run around $150-$180
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