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Heres my generation of airsoft:
I bought a very shitty crosman spring guns. Package with these shitty 2 plastic rifle and pistol that shoot at 275 fps.

I than got a Crosman again but it was a AEG but not very good.

I than got a Kraken by aftermath and i have a red dot on it and Green Tiger on it. I love it.

I'm getting the same sniper as you as i hope. But if you don't have a AEG, your gonna get butt raped if people come rushing. My Plan is my kraken on my back and when i get bored of sniping, i take my AEG and rush in and take some people out(hopefully not getting picked off) and than maybe find a new position for my sniper.

Its ok, but not amazing.

EDIT:Just started this too.

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