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Originally Posted by Endymion View Post
MOLLE is a great platform if you change your mind often, want to try different setups on your own or have multiple weapons platforms that you use often. For those who are comfortable with their setups, don't change things often or who simply adapt to anything, rigs with fixed pouches are still fantastic. Typically they cost less and weigh less but they are of the same great quality. Aside from collectors, there's a good reason why some operators and seasoned players will use old LBT/Eagle/HSGI fixed-pouch gear - they're still viable options.
+1 on the MOLLE, but the fixed vests aren't HSLD enough for my personal tastes.

I like to have my mag pouches all set up on my weak/reaction side. I can't do that with 99.99% of the static rigs on the market.

I'm starting to move away from the full plate carriers and onto the lighter suspender and cummerbund setups like the Rhodesian Recce styles. The full carriers are too hot and restrictive to keep everything high speed.
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