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Originally Posted by Ninja_En_Short View Post
Thanks for your answers.

But "Ouch !" on the second question

Is there any ongoing negociation with or from ASG so we can have other replicas at decent prices in near future ? I love th Masada / ACR but I don't see myself paying two or three times the normal price of the PTS version.
If by ASG you mean ASC, ASC (this forum) doesn't set the prices. Supply and demand set the prices. Most of the guns in the classifieds are guns that were imported before the crackdown at the border by customs, the few that are new since then, the people who get them have to jump through so many hoops that it ends up costing them nearly that much as well. The only way prices are going to come down is if the laws that make airsoft grey-legal at best are adjusted or repealed, nether of which are likely to happen anytime in the near future. So the unfortunate reality is if you want to play airsoft in this country you're going to have to pay the inflated prices.

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