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Originally Posted by CanKam View Post
Well it seems I misunderstood your post as much as you misunderstood mine. My point was not to praise the idea of "think about the children", but more point out that police officers are just hesitant to kill people. As facts point out, killing people without any psychological effects will make you out as a sociopath. As you do not seem to care about the humanity of our police officers, and their natural reaction to murder, I suggest you give us pointers on how to kill without feeling morally responsible. Better yet, how can someone kill and not feel anything; how can someone kill and live on with the knowledge that the situation could of been avoided.

I did not feel high and mighty. I just felt human and I tried to share the lessons I was taught by those who lived with death everyday. But you won't get it, being a sociopath and all. Wait, you just call it being tough, right?
It's pretty low to call someone you don't know anything about a sociopath after 1 post on some forum, wich pretty much makes you a douchebag. I'm quite aware of what a cop might feel about killing a kid, specialy since I have some cop friends wich I had this conversation with. My only point was that your reasoning is entirely based on the odd case wich you really can't do anything about due to human stupidity and parents irresponsiblity. If you want to put the blame on the existence of airsoft guns, well that's up to you if it makes you sleep better at night and it quite shows why the whole mess exists to begin with. It does nothing to solve the problem, quite the contrary since it just tries to asign blame to anything but the true culprit. Now since your last post just proved that youre full of yourself well...this conversation is at an end. I doubt that you'll be able to leave it at that tho...

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