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To do what? That's as far as you need to go to clean it. Use a tissue or clean rag and wipe the gunk out. Use some duster to get inbetween the springs and such. Wipe out the inner barrel with the cleaning rod and a tissue or bore wipe with some pure silicone oil. Wipe down the outer barrel and inside of the slide. A drop or two of pure silicone oil on the moving parts and reassemble. Done. There is no need to disassemble the pistol beyond that unless you are upgrading some springs or replacing damaged parts.

Ulness you've got the proper punches and the like, I would not recommend disassembling the lower. If you want to put an FMU on it, wait until you have it to take it all apart. Taking apart a plastic pistol will cause a lot more wear and tear than its real world counterpart. Like I said, unless you're fixing or replacing, leave it alone.
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