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Madbull Heavy Sniper BBs review

I bought a jar of 0.40g Tan off of last week, and received it yesterday, so I got to testing it today.

Upon Inspection:
Surface is very smooth, and is quite shiny. They seem very well polished, however, most of them have little dimbles where they injected the material. You can not see these dimbles on Maruzen SGM 0.29g BBs.

As for the airbubbles, every single BB that I've pry opened had Air bubbles, and most of them were off center. Not the best but it will do, we'll see how it performs.

Left is Madbull 0.40g, Right is Maruzen SGM 0.29g(You may notice that the Madbull BB is noticeably smaller in diametre, this is because of the Camera angle I took the picture at. They are almost exactly the same diametre size - 5.96mm)

You can see there's random dark lines going around the Madbull BB, every single Madbull BBs have these "Lines". They don't seem to affect the accuracy or performance at all, it's polished down very nicely.

Three Maruzen SGM BBs pryed open in the middle, No airbubbles

compared to...

Madbull 0.40g Sniper BBs
Bunch of airbubbles


My Rifle setup:
JG- Bar10
-Nineball Hop up Airseal Rubber
-EdGI 6.01 435mm Tightbore
-Laylax PSS10 150MS Spring
-Laylax Silent Cylinder Head
-EdGI Steel Sears
-EdGI Polyeurathane Piston

Madbull 0.40g
I shot 5 shots off my VSR-10, and the consistency is as follows

394 FPS
396 FPS
394 FPS
392 FPS
396 FPS

Deviation(5 rounds): 4 FPS
Average deviation per shot(5 rounds): 2.4FPS
Max Deviation(20 rounds): 12FPS

I fired another 15 rounds after this, and got some random rounds where it fired as slow as 388FPS and as fast as 400FPS. NOT the BEST consistency but it isn't bad at all.

Super Grand Master 0.29g
After the Madbull BBs, I've tried 20 rounds of Maruzen Super Grand Master 0.29g BBs to compare the consistency between them.

First 5 shots:
471 FPS
470 FPS
471 FPS
471 FPS
469 FPS

Deviation(5 rounds): 3 FPS
Average Deviation per shot: 1.2 FPS
Max Deviation(20 rounds) : 4FPS(Lowest: 468 FPS, Highest: 472FPS)

You can definitely see the quality difference between the two brands in their consistency. There is 7FPS difference in their max deviation, and average deviation per shot for SGM is half that of Madbull's. However, I can't really complain much because Madbull 0.40g BBs are more than 3 times cheaper than SGM 0.29g BBs(Not to mention you can ACTUALLY find them for sale).

2000rds of 0.40g Madbull = $20(1 cent/shot)
500rds of 0.29g SGM = $17(3.4 cents/shot)

Accuracy Testing:
Shoots very consistently, hits about the same spot every single time even at the farthest range(Not sure exactly how far). I guess the weight really does help with the accuracy.

All in all, these are very nice BBs. Although FPS was not the most consistent, Range testing proved that it does fly VERY straight and each shot followed almost the exact same path. Moreover, for the price of only $20 per jar, these are very much worth the value. I will definitely be purchasing more of these after I finish this jar.

If you have any questions about these BBs which you'd like answered, please ask here so everyone else can know the answer as well.

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