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Originally Posted by Darin View Post
OOOO, was unaware of that. Thanks XD

Seeing some super stuff on there. I like the CADPAT Vest for 90 bucks
I have that CADPAT vest. It's actually quite nice for what it is. It's comfortable, very breathable due to the mesh construction, and pretty durable overall. It has 6 double M4/M16 mag pouches that will hold single AK mags or 2 MP5 mags easily. Has a radio pouch, inner waterproof map pouch and a couple of smaller pouches. It has belt loops which will help hold up your belt if it's loaded down with a pistol or other stuff.

I like the vest a lot. I have it set up with a CADPAT hydration pouch, my belt. On the belt I have attached a drop-leg holster, drop leg dump pouch, butt pack and 2 utity pouches. The vest bears the load of everything (43 lbs when fully loaded) effortlessly and comfortably. It holds absolutely everything I need when I go with a Canadian themed loadout.

The down side is that it's not modular, so you're stuck with it as-is. The webbing on the back isn't MOLLE so if you want to attach anything to it (like hydration carrier) you need to slightly modify it. The mag pouches are made for STANAG mags, so you're limited to what kind of mags you can carry. As I said earlier, you can carry a few differnt types of mags. It works best with STANAG mags and works decent for AK mags. I don't think I'd trust it outdoors with MP5 mags, but it's fine indoors where you're not crawling through the bush. You'll have trouble carrying any other type of mag. And of course since it's CADPAT, you're sort of limited to using it strictly with CADPAT. If you can find the vest in either olive drab or coyote brown, it would be better to get that instead as you can use those colours with any other camo pattern if you want to change BDUs.

All that being said, if you can get a modular MOLLE platform to start with, you'll be better off in the long run, as you can adapt your vest with different pouches and loadouts as you need them.
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