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Greetings, ex-paintballer and Canadian Tire employee here. As you may be aware (or should be) the paintball markers sold at Canadian Tire are garbage. The same is true with their airsoft guns. If they break (which they will, they're all plastic and low quality) there are no replacement parts, no returns and no warranty. Not to mention they are severely overpriced. Avoid these guns.
To obtain good quality airsoft guns you must be 18, which doesn't seem to be a problem. You may now be looking another step up at guns with clear bodies being sold at larger retailers (ie Cabelas). Although they do have a lower price than higher quality guns, you truly get what you pay for and you will not be satisfied. People say that they are good for beginners, but myself I have found this to not be the case, being burned by these so called "good enough" guns.
However, there are exceptions to the "clear-bodied guns are crap" rule. Recently mid-high range AEG manufacturers G&G and ICS have been producing quality guns with clear receivers for the canadian market. These are decent guns for beginners, many coming with batteries and other startup necessities.
Then we have full-coloured guns. Do not attempt to order these from abroad, they will be confiscated by customs with no reimbursement. These are only available in Canada through this website, the classifieds and retailers section. To obtain access to these sections you must be age verified. More info in link at the bottom of my post.
Now for your gear. Your BDU seems to be acceptable (although that is MARPAT, not CADPAT) but your load bearing equipment is simply not adaptable to airsoft. You need something that will hold magazines, not pods. And usually you hold most (but not all) of your gear on your chest (front).
If you have any questions feel free to PM me, I've been here for a while even though rarely post.
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