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Originally Posted by tattoodan View Post
Duh. Easy to re-use that old story but there is many things wrong with it. First if it was regulated properly, there's as much chance that it would happen with a real gun than an airsoft one. Then you have the first question of why in hell is a kid doing running around with a gun. Most liberties are repressed because of the "Oh but think of the children!" argument.

If it was properly regulated, there's probably one in a million chance of that situation happening. That means it would happen sometimes. Just like that 5 yo kid killing his brother with a real gun. You simply cannot prevent human stupidity. And you cannot prevent all the consequences from it.

Now next time you feel high and mighty, read the whole post you just quoted and try to answer it in context instead of giving sermons.
Well it seems I misunderstood your post as much as you misunderstood mine. My point was not to praise the idea of "think about the children", but more point out that police officers are just hesitant to kill people. As facts point out, killing people without any psychological effects will make you out as a sociopath. As you do not seem to care about the humanity of our police officers, and their natural reaction to murder, I suggest you give us pointers on how to kill without feeling morally responsible. Better yet, how can someone kill and not feel anything; how can someone kill and live on with the knowledge that the situation could of been avoided.

I did not feel high and mighty. I just felt human and I tried to share the lessons I was taught by those who lived with death everyday. But you won't get it, being a sociopath and all. Wait, you just call it being tough, right?
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