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I am brand new to the world of Airsoft. I was in a local hobby shop today when I had a discussion with one of the shop workers. We were talking about the CADPAD I was wearing and he asked where I got it, I had told him from the local army navy shop, and we started talking about paintball and Airsoft, I had told him I was looking at getting into Paintball, and he recommended I do not do paintball but rather take up Airsoft as it is much cheaper and alot more fun than Paintball....
I have started to buy some gear for when I was going to get into paintball..I have a camo outfit and a Paintball mask and a Paintball vest which I could modify for Airsoft, I just need a few accessories, anyway, I am looking at buying a starter kit from Canadian Tire, it is this package I am looking at buying to get me started off into Airsoft

Would anyone be able to help me out and tell me if this is a good purchase or not?

Me suited up...All I need now are my weapons of mass destruction

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