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I'm just getting over the flu and haven't eaten much in a couple of this might be completely wrong...

Traditional non-tightbores are 6.08mm...a lot of clones were coming out anywhere from 6.08-6.10mm. I have no idea what a new CA is spec'ing now.

A tightbore (6.03 or 6.04) will increase muzzle FPS...a little (5-15fps)...vs. a non-tightbore (i.e. 6.08mm).

A tightbore will increase your effective range vs. a non-tightbore...but heavier bbs still have a much more dramatic effect.

A longer barrel will increase your effective range vs. a shorter barrel...bore diameter being the same

In some setups...a longer barrel will result in a significant FPS boost vs. a shorter barrel....mechbox & bore diameter being the same. I've setup several M4's this way, where they shoot 385fps with a M4 length barrel and 345fps with a CQB barrel. your CQB rifle...don't expect to get "long gun" accuracy with such a short barrel....but you do your part, you'll be fine in the field. A tightbore & heavier bbs (i.e. 0.25 min...better yet 0.28) will dramatically improve your effective range.

Cheap and easy upgrade...go for it. Replace the hopup rubber at the same time.

Best of luck...

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