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Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
Thats what I always think, however, in North American (From Europe)Culture we like to blame others. Seriously we need to start accepting problem.
Hitler blamed the Jews for all problem in Germany at the time, and did he made the country better in the summary? No, (plz don't bother with Goodwin's Law IDC)
If you blame someone else, will the inocennt change? Yea maybe they well accept their new identity as the guilty one just because people keep saying they are. Blame yourself, fix your mistake. Your child bring a toy gun to school. We controls what a child expose to? The Parents, who allow their child to get a toy gun? The Parents Who should be the people responsible when your child has an issued due to the toy gun that was given by parents? The Parents, however, who do the parents blame? An inanimate object or the government.

Your Ultimate object is also your ultimate downfall, You as parents are their ultimate teacher, it is you that is their ultimate downfall.

Parents can't discipline their kids without being in trouble from the law themselves,the kids have more rights then they deserve.They can't
handle the responsibility due to their lack of education and experience.
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