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Originally Posted by Lythinca View Post
Thats true. Thats what I was trying to get at.
If budget: Kraken
If Monies: RS ftw.
Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
A kraken is a budget AEG that just happens to be better than anything else in its price range. It's still a VERY far cry from a RS.
For a sub-$200, the Kraken rules the roost. You won't get a better gun for that money. However, there's also a high lemon rate. Those problems can easily be fixed and with a bit of preventative maintenance (clean, re-shim and grease), turning it into a reliable gun. Unfortunately, that preventative maintenance is not really something most noobs are able to perform. You can get a good one that out of the box will last for thousands of rounds. You also get many that won't live past 1 full mag's worth of BBs before imploding. For that reason, I consider it more an excellent upgrade platform than a starter gun.

But in the context of the OP's question "who makes the best airsoft Ak's you can get in Canada" without considering price, Real Sword is the king of AK variants (that should satisfy both Amos and Ancorp). I'd even argue it's possibly the best AEG available anywhere, regardless of model or brand.
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