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On the topic of "bulk orders" from a retailer. You could probably work something out with someone in the Retail section. I know when "The Pistolero" was doing AEG's he was going to give discounts on multiple purchases (eg. buy 2 guns save $20 or something, buy 3 save $40, etc.).

While we're on the topic of buyairsoft, I have heard that their G&G line isn't true "Combat Machine" as what everyone was led to believe. What it is, is that they are specially manufactured Combat Machine guns but with certain parts coming from the regular G&G line. So they're not really Combat Machine brand per-se but not regular G&G either it's really somewhere in between.

EDIT: They're not clips..... they're mags (it's fine, I won't bash you for that like real steel owners would) Anyways....

On the topic of getting "Bulk mags", the closest thing would be to get a few boxes of STAR mags. They come in packs of 10 and go for ~$30 USD + shipping (the real-cap mags). You CAN import mags (you CANNOT import ones that have visible "dummy rounds" in the mag).
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