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Originally Posted by TriChrome View Post
Just to add some info to this thread, I own three of the MagPul/Star Green Label 20rd mags, and they've jammed with Excel .25's, Airsoft Elite .25's, Bioval BBB MAX .27's, and KSC .3's. Jammed so badly the last time that throwing the mag at the ground as hard as I could 5+ times, and shoving a precision screwdriver down the mag couldn't unjam the BB's somehow...

People may tell me to add lube to the mags, but I don't have to ever do that with my TM or MAG brand mags for years now, so I'm not doing that since these are for a 500 FPS with .25's DM rifle and that will mess up the hop-up's consistency which will make a DM rifle useless.
I've used the PMAG/Star green label mags with Bastard .25 and Madbulls.25 didn't jammed on me even once, you probably just got a lemon, the older Star mags is a different story they jammed like hell doesn't matter what bb's I used, I still have like 2 x 10 mag box in the basement and thewy are the crappiest ones i've used.
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