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Airsoft got some recognition in the public eye, and the report showed the difference between responsible use (TTAC) and irresponsible (bbs in the street).

And the two people interviewed representing AS were shown as reasonable and intelligent. Definitely a baby step forward for AS.

Here is my comment left on their website (awaiting moderation)

begin quote:

Nice to see the differences between pellet airguns and airSOFT guns documented.

I myself have often wondered at why pellet airguns are so easy to buy, yet Airsoft varieties which are so much safer to use, be the target of so much legislation.

Indeed the only Airsoft available thru major chains is clearly a toy due to clear plastic parts and may sting on impact with its ammo to exposed skin (self test), higher power all black/metal airguns which are CHEAPER and fire metal ammo which is guaranteed to penetrate exposed skin is available EVERYWHERE!

One obviously has safety in mind, and is made almost impossible to acquire and the other is ignored!

p.s in your comparison you have a category for 'power' but you list instead the speed of the ammo....please update this to include the mass of the ammo.

end quote.
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