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I watched the Market Place item on line. Here is the major problem with their arguement as I see it.

Ethics, Morales, and Responsiblity can be taught, however due to free will, they may not be easily practised. Moreover Common Sense, may not be that common.

I have been around firearms most of my life. I had my FAC at age 14, I was involved in competitive shooting, joined the Military at age 17. I spent eight years in the Regular Forces of the CF. I do not believe that there is any such thing as an accident in relationship to firearms safety. It is either an act of ignorance or user stupidity.

Although regulation may not be the most wanted answer by some, it might have some impact. However consider 99.75 percent of all firearms crimes(in Canada) involve illegally maintained and acquired firearms, by persons who have not followed the licencing procedures. So that would mean you would need about 1000 firearms crimes to have a legimate owner involved in a firearms crimes. Most typically the crime that the legimate owner would be involved in is a Storage/Transport or possibly a Grandfathering issue related firearms crime. Even if regulation was to occur the numpties out there would still get a hold of a airsoft or clearsoft(spray painted black) or even .177 pellet pistol and commit acts of stupidity and/or criminal intent.

Which would still put Law Enforcement in a position to possibly shoot someone with a replica or look a like firearm. Well if you are honestly stupid enough to display a weapon or even a replica weapon in public. Regardless of criminal activity or not - YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET. Be that charges. Be that Jail. Be that a Search Warrant on your Residence. Be that Dead.

What really amazed be about the piece was in the Police Detachment Parking Lot they set up an improvized / expedient range. No Range Safety Officer, No Safety Briefing, No backstop, No Safety Equipment, and No Safe Handling Practices in place. Amazing how safety was not a concern.

The onus is on US the responsible users/owners of the Airsoft Community. We need to take up one united voice. Lobby to have a new set of rules, that make sense to our sport, allow us to regulate the sport. Force retailers to only sell to adults, and prove the age, recording IDs. Get CBSA to come in line with the actual legislation. Do not allow govermental bodies to adhoc create legislation due to ignorance, stupidity, boredom or wrongful interpretation.


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