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Fucking idiots (and that reportage is a waste of money).

"A gun is a gun"... no. I MUCH prefer being scared and having a BB gun pointed at me (even if i think its a real one), than actually having a REAL one.

SURE! You get one heck of a scared, but you won't die (unless you have a heart attack). If anything i wish criminals used more fake guns than real one's, so that if shit happens, the victim don't end up DEAD.

Oh and the whole thing of kids beinging fake guns to school, so what? Treat them as if they had real one's. If they get shot and die at the end, well its to be expected. People are worrying to much about the criminals... if you are dumb enough to publicly pull out a fake (or real) gun, then its only normal to end up injured or dead.
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