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[QUOTE=Amos;928099]I don't get why people buy Scar H's... It's like taking one of the best features out of the scar... and paying more for it...

well i bought it off the classifieds, and at that time it was the best thing up and i wanted my gun, i don't have a problem with the Scar-H, came with the launcher but with that on its way to heavy to carry around all day, i may sell it at some point, but at that time as i said i just wanted the gun to get my kit together. And thanks for the help guys, i managed to get some mags, they are being shipped as i type. and thanks for the site links Amos, i knew about redwolf but the problem was that they are out of stock on the mags, and have been for a while from what Ive seen. since i needed them asap i had a friend find some, from a site called Ehobby i think, anyway they are STAR made Scar-H/M14 mags

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