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Just watched the cbc report and here is my 2 cents.

Note: I havnt read previous posts so it wouldnt influence my opinion.

I was quite suprised to see they actually went to Brians place for actual airsoft input and footage. Granted it wasnt enough PR for airsoft, but they actually researched the sport a bit. I dont blame the cops for taking action against those who publicly produce airsoft GBBs or AEGs. If I were in their shoes, I wouldnt hesitate to react if someone pulled one on me. The general public needs more info on this, as in the news reel, they only see the corrupt side of owning and playing airsoft.

There was even one cop who said this is acceptable and enjoyable in the proper environment. It's the rotten eggs who give our beloved sport a bad name.

I think as a nation wide community, we are entitled to a part 2 of "replica fire arms,(or whatever you want to call it.)"

We all know that saftey and proper handling is number one in airsoft, and for them to just show the destructive side of it is unfair.

wow, that was a rant...
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