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I just finished watching the report on T.V. here on the West coast. I suppose everyone had saw it way before I did. The report seemed to stress that Airsoft guns and pellet guns simulate the real steal versions. Also commented that these guns per say, are very easily bought at almost any retail outlet. So the question still remains, What should be done now or in future as per Airsoft guns or pellet guns. That question still goes unanswered unless someone has an idea?

I was shaking my head when the 16 year old goes in to the store and bought an "Softair" P99 and then goes out to the van waving it out in public for the camera (covers eyes), no gun saftey there, :banghead:
I've looked at the British system in regards to airsoft, so far it seems to work thus far, under 18, must have "Coloured" guns and over 18, must have licence in order to buy Airsoft without full coloured bodies. But watching the report kind of doesn't really address that issue that we all want ,does it?

I think most of us want "Airsoft" to be taken out of the Grey area and placed as an "Sport" similar to PB or something else that would allow more growth for our sport or hobby, However you want to go with it, To allow this situation to be finllay looked at!

But judging by the reactions of the boys on the "Hill" we're in for an long wait. Besides we have the economy and Russian Tu-95's or Tu-160's flying over our heads, "OH MY", to deal with too.
Hats off to Brian to addressing the public and displaying what actually Airsoft looks like.

P.S. Had an great laugh about the "Capture the Rabbit" game, neat idea for an outdoor game!!
That's what you said last time, Then look what happened!

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