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Interesting piece. I was a bit disappointed though. I thought she spent way too much time on the whole 'they look so real' thing. I mean, we get it, they look real. She could have made that point a bit more quickly and moved on (eg. not having to go back to the Vancouver police the second time). And showing the politicians two pictures of almost identical guns. I get that she was trying to make a point but it just seemed a bit silly.

Although they did show quite a few different angles (including us at TTAC3!) they could have dug in a bit more - maybe interview a kid who thinks it's cool to bring one to school or something. What they really should have done was cut the second segment out and extended this one to the whole episode. And why the hell can't the CBC get an real interview with a politician? What are they afraid of? Be great to see a roundtable discussion with David Miller, Brian M and some others to really get the points on the table.

But all in all, I thought it made airsoft look pretty good. TTAC3 looked like a good time. She had fun shooting (although she really shouldn't have pointed the barrel at her face). And I liked how the cops were usually pretty cool about it too (eg. the Durham cop saying he's fine with people playing/plinking as long as it's not in public).
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