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1) You must be 18 years of age to be age verified for ASC. Once verified, you will have full access to all the classified ad areas, including retailers!

2) There is no way in hell you will get permits to import, period. First, you'd have to get a Firearms business license, +$2500 just to apply last I heard. You'd have to have all your security requirments inplace prior to applying and have the RCMP inspect and verify you are a legit business with a legit reason to have said permit. If you get the FBL, next you'd have to apply for a permit to import a prohibited device. This permit is typically reserved for theatrical and movie production companies. These are very restrictive in nature and involve more inspections, costs, etc. They do not just hand these out to anyone and for good reason.

3) in the forum board just below this in is the FAQ section. If you're very new to forums, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Almost anything you can ask reguarding Airsoft (other than guns and gear) has probably already been asked and answered and made a part of the FAQ. It is highly suggested everyone read these posts and we'd get a lot less of these questions posted here.

As a reminder to Newbies and old hands alike, This is the Newbie Tank. Flaming is prohibited here and will net you an infraction if you do it. Having said that, Newbies, it does not mean it's a free for all and you don't have to do any research on your own. I have and will continue to hand out infractions to Newbies who refuse to do a simple search on the forums for info already posted in the FAQ. This is the internet age and there is pretty much no excuse for anyone but the most green internet user to not know what FAQ means.

To make it easier for you CanadianSniperx50, please fill in your location so players in your area can direct you to the appropriate resources. Not all clubs/teams are the same.

Here is a quick link to the FAQ's that pertain to most Newbie questions:

newbie buying guide
general newbie guide
picking your first aeg
importing airsoft
airsoft canada forum rules
a big ol airsoft Q&A
how to get age verified
game and events section (from here pick your region to find a game in your area)
underage airsoft and YOU!
ASC Age Verifier for Red Deer & Area Alberta

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