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A few (dumb or not) questions

Hi everyone.

I have I few question before I move in Montreal in October (currently in France).
I'm not going to ask if I can bring my replicas I already know the answer no need to go like this :banghead:

So :

Question 1 : I know winter can be pretty rough so I wanted to know if you play in winter and what kind of close you guys are wearing to keep you from freezing on your feet if that the case.

Question 2 : I had a look on a few web sites and only saw G&G and ICS replicas
I repaired (or tried to) a lot of those and they brought me nothing but problems (really, really bad memories of an MP5 :hammer: :rrr: ).
So is that all you can find in Canada ? (Please don't say yes, I want a Masada and an M95 :nod: ).

Question 3 : With GBB pistols, does normal gaz works or do you have to use CO² the whole year ? (Was expecting to buy an M9A1 from KJW anyway ).

That's all.

Thanks to all who'll answer.

PS : vous pouvez aussi répondre en français.
Tous les jours nous nous endormons plus instruits mais pas forcément moins bêtes...
I can do a CTRL+ATL+DEL on your gun !

Gun doc in Montreal on AEG, GBB, GBBR and Bolt rifle (gaz and spring)
Heavy custom builder (including painting)

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